Citing her unwillingness to go through another election, embattled Alice City Council member Elida Garza has resigned from her post.

Garza made the announcement during the city council meeting Monday afternoon.

“With much regret, I’m here to inform the council and my supporters that I am resigning from the council effective immediately,” Garza read from a statement she pieced together.

“I feel that I have won and I can not go through another election. I don’t want to burden my family again with what they’ve gone through for the last four months. I will continue to serve the City of Alice the best way I can in my own time.”

Garza was elected to the city council after beating incumbent Pete Beltran in the May 6 city elections.

Never one to shy away from controversy or being opinionated, Garza’s four and a half months on the council were never dull.

Immediately, after Garza and fellow council member Yolanda Moran voted to open the Alice Multi-Use Complex, they were the subject of a recall campaign. The recall effort garnered the necessary signatures and a recall election is set for November.

Garza was also accused of bribery charges. The case presented to the grand jury stemmed from a May 3 incident report filed by the Alice Police Department. According to the report, sometime in mid-April, Garza had a meeting with three other people at a local restaurant. There it was alleged that witnesses observed Garza receive a check from an Alice businessman who when handing Garza the check, stated in return, she was to fire city manager Andy Joslin.

District attorney Carlos Garcia did not pursue the matter, stating that the case lacked evidence.

In a June meeting where the council was discussing setting a date for the recall election, police were called to the meeting to question Garza about statements made during that meeting.

Garza later left the meeting early and asked those same officers to escort her through a crowd of recall supporters on her way out of city hall. On her way through the crowd, Garza and former council member Pete Beltran had a heated exchange. Police stepped in and warned both sides to maintain order.

At a meeting in July, after an executive session became heated, Garza was checked by emergency medical personnel. She eventually left the meeting early.