Four men were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman after she was invited to a residence on Fifth Street.

Alice police arrested Jose Benito Flores Sr., Benito Flores Jr., Pedro Flores and Hector Garcia when the victim claimed they drugged her drink.

According to the police report, the victim tells police she went over to the residence to smoke marijuana when the men left to purchase beer and a tea for the victim.

According to the police report, the victim doesn't remember what happened after she received her drink. The victim told police she was naked when she woke up and the men were assaulting her sexually.

The victim took herself to the hospital after she spoke with police.

The investigator interviewed the suspects who denied drugging the victim's drink. However, they admitted to providing the victim with synthetic marijuana.

The case is under investigation.

The men were transported to the Jim Wells County jail and since then have been released.