St. Joseph Catholic School is very grateful to the community for voting the school as Alice Echo News Journal's Reader's Choice Best Private School along with this prestigious award the school is very proud to announce that it has been granted accreditation status of ACCREDITED by the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission (TCCAC).

The visit by the accreditation review team took place between March 7 and March 10.

The commission stated, “pre-visit preparations and the positive participation of the entire school community greatly facilitated the process.”

In addition, the TCCAC commended St. Joseph Catholic School for “a school climate which provides explicit attention to its mission, placing primary focus on the Catholic identity of the school. St. Joseph Catholic School is also to be commended for its wonderful source of parental, pastor, faculty, staff, parish, and student involvement.”

The TCCAC also commended the principal, Mary Sandoval, “as the visiting team could not help but notice that in a quiet humble way, the school principal promotes high standards, compassion for one another, and the best in her students and in her professional staff.”

As was observed by the visiting team but obvious to everyone that is part of the community, “the sense of family at St. Joseph is also evident in the students who have many opportunities to fulfill their obligations to the community through service. Student behavior, students from K-3 through eighth grade, at St. Joseph serves as a beacon to the community of the advantage of a Catholic faith-based education.”

St. Joseph Catholic School administrators are humbled and grateful by these awards, but remain ready to serve their school and community as a place where children will continue to “grow in faith, knowledge and service.”