Twelve bags of cocaine were found ready and packaged for delivery at a residence on the 100 block of Prospect.

A six month investigation lead the Alice Police Department Narcotic Division and Criminal Investigation Division to conducted a raid at the residence of a known Latin King gang member, Jason Lee Cantu, according to Alice PD Lt. Luis Barrera.

When officers assisted by the Alice PD's Swat team, Central South Texas Criminal Investigation Unit and the Duval County Sheriff's Office arrived at the residence they immediately detained Cantu. The use of the department's K9 officer located the 12 bags.

Cantu told officers that the street level drugs were for resale, according to police officials.

Cantu also told officers that he knew he was going back to prison due to other pending charges.

“Alice PD and Narcotic Division continue to investigate and arrest individuals who continue to poison the community with drugs,” Barrera stated.

Cantu was transported to the Jim Wells County jail and charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.