Mary R. Garcia Elementary would like to announce that Play and Park Structures, a Playcore Company, has recently donated $5,000 to the campus' Physical Education Department. The donation will help improve the overall health and fitness level of the children who attend Mary R. Garcia Elementary, long with improving their social skills to enhance their childhood development on campus.

Play and Park Structures knows that playgrounds are an integral part of childhood development. They strive to provide high quality products that inspire children's imaginations and creativity though innovation and superior product design.

Jeff Mankins, local representative for Play and Park Structures told Coach Roman Vela that they are more than happy to be included in the growth and development of the local youth.

“We would like to work on a project that calls for either a traditional playground or a creatively themed playground that includes musical instruments so that our students can chose which playground they would like to use for their own pleasure,” said Principal Vanessa Snyder. “Fortunately, Play and Park Structures allows us that opportunity.”

This is the second grant of this kind that the campus has received. The first grant was from Lowe's also for $5,000. The grant from Lowe's will be used to compliment the school learning environment and improve the school culture in an important way to benefit the children on campus, according to Coach Vela and Coach Matthew Hernandez. To date, Mary R. Garcia Elementary has received a total of $11,000 for their physical education department.