The 297 students in the Alice ISD Class of 2017 moved their orange and white tassels from the right side of their graduation cap to the left side during the commencement ceremony Friday night to signify they have succeed in their education career and received the high school degree.

Valedictorian Ryley Faith Priddy and Salutatorian Larissa Noelle Luna addressed their classmates sitting in front of her dressed in shiny brunt orange gowns. 

"Class of 2017 this is our night. There's no better way to describe this night other than bitter sweet," Luna stated. "It is extremely difficult to know this is the last time all of us will ever be together...While this may seem like the end, we are far from it. It's only the beginning of the newest chapter in life."

Priddy reminded the class that the world they were about to enter in is a cruel world, but she also gave words of advice on how to be kind individuals.

"As we prepare to step into the world I believe that these rules can show you how to lead a happy life...As we leave this high school and move on we need to change the minds of the world. With forgiveness and love we can make this world fair," she said. "As we move on to our careers, college or the military we just need to be kind in everything we do...Don't let the world change you."

One-by-one students climbed the stairs to walk the stage and leave their high school memories in the past while they look towards their future endeavors.