The Alice City Council voted to open at least part of the embattled Multi Use Complex. Now, it’s only a matter of finalizing an operating plan before opening the natatorium for at least the summer.

The city council chambers were packed Thursday night with Alice residents both for and against the Multi Use Complex, and after hearing four possible scenarios for opening the natatorium, a motion was made by council member Yolanda Sosa Moran to simply open the facility.

Council member Elida Garza seconded the motion. Council member Pete Crisp voted against the opening, while council member Cynthia Carrasco abstained from voting and the motion passed. The measure calls for only opening the natatorium portion of the complex.

The motion to open the natatorium didn’t follow any of the proposals presented by City of Alice community development director Joshua Flores and aquatic director Taylor Johnson, so for now, the plan for staffing, operating and funding the natatorium remain unsettled.

For now, there isn’t a definite date for opening the natatorium. Flores said to staff the natatorium, the city must hire as many as 13 lifeguards. That means the city must screen, test and train the lifeguards which could take between two and four weeks.

City manager Andy Joslin was also authorized to negotiate a lease agreement between the City of Alice and the Alice Swim Team for use of the natatorium for the upcoming swim season.