Two Alice ISD teachers, with a combined teaching experience of 69 years, were presented with the prestige honor of Teachers of the Year for the district.

On Wednesday evening, during the annual Employee Appreciation Dinner Alice ISD named Marin Perez with the Secondary Teacher of the Year and Melisa Garcia-Garcia as Elementary Teacher of the Year.

Perez is a high school teacher with 39 years of experience under his belt.

"It's a great honor and I'm very thankful for getting this recognition," he stated. "Being the oldest of my family and helping my siblings I knew that this was the career for me."

Garcia-Garcia is a teacher at Hillcrest Elementary who has completed 30 years with the district.

"I was thrilled and I thank them," she said. "It takes hard work and dedication to be a teacher."

The teachers were chosen by their colleagues. Runner-ups were Colleen Cisneros for Elementary Teacher of the Year and Tasha Clark for Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Teachers, administration and staff were honored for their years of hard work, and service to the students and parents of the district.

“This is our opportunity to inform you that you are an important part of the success of Alice ISD,” said Superintendent Dr. Grace Everett. “We've experienced a lot of years in this district that we all know how difficult the job is. We appreciate your time, dedication and effort to the students of the district.”

During the annual event, the district presented the Alumni Award to an Alice High School graduate whose personal accomplishments are an inspirational role model to the youth of the community. Alumni Award winners are community conscious and are successful in both personal and professional relationships. They are nominated by the community.

The Alumni Award winner was Elva Torres who has dedicated more than 40 years of her life to helping the community.

“I won't tell you when I graduated I think it was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (Class of 1972),” Torres stated. “Little did I know where life's journey would take me; into the medical field for 44 years.”

Torres is a women's health nurse practitioner who works for Community Action Corporation of South Texas.

“I have been given the opportunity to be a caregiver, a mentor and a guide for many people who cross my path...I feel honored and humbled to be before you to receive this recognition for doing something that I love,” she said.

The night ended with the winners posing for photos.