Firefighters were able to save a home Wednesday afternoon as the “out building” behind it burned to the ground.

Alice Firefighters, Alice Police, Jim Wells County deputies and Department of Public Safety troopers responded to the structure fire at the intersection of South Wright Street and Rankin.

According to officials at the scene, everyone who was inside the home escaped.

The fire destroyed an “out building” behind the main home, an unoccupied home behind, and caused minor damage to the main home, according to Alice Fire Chief Dean Van Nest.

According to Chief Van Nest, the “out building” had several electronics with extensions cords connected, but could not say if that was the cause of the fire.

Juan Cuevas lives behind the home and immediately took action to prevent the spread of the fire due to the dry grass.

According to Cuevas, he saw the fire and used his back water hose to spray the dry grass around the unoccupied home while another man used Cuevas' front water hose to do the same.

No injuries were reported.

The fire is under investigation.