A Premont resident, Jose Becerril was attacked by a swarm of bees on Wednesday, May 17 when he decided to knock a down a red wasp hive. To make matters worse Becerril is allergic to bees.

By the time the detached hive hit the ground, Becerril was swarmed by the wasps.  One bee managed to sting Becerril on the back of his neck as he was running towards his truck for cover.

Becerril did not have his injector on him at the time of the incident and realized he had to get to his house where his injector was kept.

As Becerril drove towards his home, he felt he was in trouble when he began to lose his vision. He drove himself to the Premont Police Department and City Hall where he got the attention of City Clerk Susan Pena who was pulling up behind his vehicle.

Pena dialed 911.

Pena and Becerril went into city hall where Becerril collapsed against the door to the office, but not before telling the Water Department Clerk Elizabeth Viera that he had been stung by a bee.

Paramedics arrived and transported Becerril to a local hospital.

Becerril is doing well in his recovery.

Wednesday's event would have been totally different if Becerril had not looked for help as well as the quick actions of city employees, police and fire department who helped save Becerril's life.

This was the second bee attack in Premont in the past two weeks.  The first attack happened when a honey bee hive was uncovered under a porch step at a local apartment complex.  Three, maintenance personal were stung multiple times, but all recovered after receiving treatment.  The hive was removed by trained personnel who recovered enough honey and hive to fill a five gallon bucket. 

Mayor Mario Rodriquez wants all city residents to take bees seriously.  Do not provoke them because they will attack.  There is a resident in town with a bee suit and smoker, so a means to deal with them does exist.