Lowe's donates money for Playground-School Improvement

Mary R. Garcia Elementary received a $5,000 Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant for Playground-School Culture Improvement.

Campus officials are thrilled to announce that Lowe's has awarded Mary R. Garcia Elementary School funding for the Playground-School Culture Improvement project. The grant application was based on the goal of improving the learning community at Mary R. Garcia Elementary. The campus looks forward to sharing the Playground-School Culture grant with the Mary R. Garcia Elementary School Wranglers and Alice ISD community.

“What we hope to do is bring together a program, whether it's physical education or academics, to improve the overall culture of our school. What we want to do is either a playground upgrade, water fountains, gazebo where students can sit outside and read to themselves or others, a peer tutoring center, or even a parental involvement room where our parents can go and plan activities that will help our students,” according to Coach Roman Vela, Coach Matthew Hernandez, and School Principal Vanessa Snyder. “The overall goal of this grant is to make this school better equipped to help our students learn and succeed in their learning.”

If anyone in the community has any ideas that would help this grant money improve the school please feel free to contact Coach Vela at Mary R. Garcia Elementary.

“Our school and community will greatly benefit from this grant. We wish to thank our friends at Lowe's for generously supporting this important project,” Vela stated.

All k-12 public school in the United States are eligible for the Toolbox for Education program. More information is available at www.ToolboxforEducation.com.