● Name: Alyssa Lara

● Parents: Jesus and Rebekah Lopez

● After high school I plan on going to school to become a Radiology Associate.

● Accomplishments:

JCDA president for 2 years

Varsity softball 2 years

Our Lady of Guadalupe Jamaica queen

Lady Coyote Powerlifter

Varsity Football student Athletic Trainer

Best Advice- “Something’s better than nothing.” My mother, Rebekah Lopez gave me this advice.

In 5 years I hope to be pursuing a career in radiology while living in North, Texas.

If I could change anything about this world today, I would eliminate poverty. It hurts seeing people struggling to support themselves and/or their family. 

If I could invite 3 people to dinner that are not related to me, I’d invite the Pope because I’d love to meet him and I’d be intrigued to have a conversation with him about our religion. Along with the Pope, I would invite my freshman math teacher, Ms. Aleman. She was the best teacher I’ve had out of my years in high school and she always encouraged me to do the right thing and to see the best in any situation. The final person I would invite would be Rupi Kaur, the author of Milk and Honey because her book really touched my heart.


 ○ My favorite food is hot wings with lemon.

○ My favorite book is “A Child Called “It”” by Dave Pelzer

○ My favorite movie at the moment is “Trolls”

○ Arlington is hands down my favorite town in Texas because that is where I was born.

○ My grandma’s house has always been my favorite place to go vacation.

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