With the school year at its final week Alice High School seniors Class of 2017 along with their family and friends were gathered at the Bryce Taylor Theatre for Performing Arts on Monday to recognize the student achievements.

“Students, first I want to applaud you all for being here tonight. Your attitude, your focus, your detention, all these things together lead not to just graduating in a couple of days, but to be recipients of scholarship money that's going to help you as you proceed beyond the high school doors,” said Alice HS Principal Dr. Alex Gonzalez.

Students were recognized for Four Year “A” Average Honor Students, Texas Scholars, College Awards and Scholarships.

Scholarships and other funding totaled $1,413,440.

University and other scholarships totaled $362, 374, $957,296 in military education funding and $93,770.00 in local scholarships.

As the annual Scholarship Night continued the local scholarships were announced. The local businesses congratulated the graduating class and presented scholarships to numerous students.