With less than a week as Mayor for the City of Premont, Mario Alberto Rodriguez is settling into his new role.

“I'm staying positive and taking one day at a time,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez was elected mayor on May 6. After votes were canvassed, Rodriguez took his oath along side councilman Andy Garza and councilwoman Irma C. Martinez on May 9.

On May 12, Rodriguez, with a book of Robert's Rules of Order, officiated his first city council meeting.

“I was very excited, but the meeting ran smooth and orderly,” he said. “I had butterflies in my stomach so I called my pastor, before the meeting, for prayer.”

Rodriguez looks forward to working with the city council to clean up and move Premont forward while being transparent with Premont residents.

“Most members of the council have experience and with their guidance, we will get things done,” he stated. “The council and other city officials have tenure and knowledge that'll be beneficial to everyone; everyone's been helpful.”

Once Rodriguez assumed his mayoral duties, he visited with city officials as well as city and county officials in the surrounding communities.

“It's a trial by fire kind of position,” he stated. “We've had a good start and while change comes hard for some (people), a coordinated effort between everyone will, patiently, get us moving in the right direction.”