Traffic Stop

Jessica Marie Garza was arrested for driving while license invalid with previous convictions, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of a controlled substance on Friday morning on the 200 block of North Johnson. A traffic stop was conducted with Garza for speeding. When the officer learned that Garza had previous convictions for driving while license invalid he placed Garza in handcuffs. During a vehicle inventory, officers located several pills “requiring a physician prescription.” Garza was taken to the Alice Police Department for processing. While the arresting officer was fingerprinting Garza, he noticed an unusual bulge in a bandaid on Garza's finger. Inside the bandaid were more pills. Garza was taken to the Jim Wells County jail.

Aggravated Robbery

Juan C. Davila was arrested on Thursday night for aggravated robbery and evading arrest. Officers responded to the 300 block of North King and made contact with a woman who told officers she had been robbed. According to the victim, she walked through an alley and stopped to pet a cat when she was attacked. The victim told police her attacker was a guy she knew as “Smokie.” Officers processed the scene and than arrived at Davila's residence who they knew from previous incidents. Davila ran from the cops and was eventually caught at the intersection of Sixth and Wright Street. He was transported to the JWC jail.

Source: Alice police reports