Synthetic marijuana is an issue in Alice and Jim Wells Count that law enforcement has been tackling aggressively due to the dangerous effects associated with the drug especially for the youth of the community.

Coastal Bend College - Alice along with the Alice Police Department, Jim Wells County Sheriffs Department, District Attorney's Office and Jim Wells County Judge Pete Trevino Jr. hosted a seminar specifically on synthetic marijuana.

“We felt that we needed to remind our students here about the growing issue with synthetic marijuana,” said CBC Criminal Justice Instructor Hector Villarreal. “It's getting out of control. We see the high school kids outside (using). This seminar helps us give our students necessary advice about the importance of getting this drug off the streets.”

Sgt. Nick Juarez with the Alice PD didn't just lecture about the harmful effects synthetic marijuana has on a person. Instead Juarez played a video depicting what happens to a synthetic marijuana user.

Alice HS Assistant Principal Abel Lopez addressed the audience, filled with college students, asking for assistance in reporting students who maybe abusing the narcotic.

“We have 1,400 students at Alice HS and only four security guards,” Lopez stated. “You guys see these kids outside your campus. Report what you see. The problem is here and until we accept it as a community, (programs) aren't going to be effective.”