In the small town of San Diego there is only a few things that the youth can do. Over the years, generations of teenagers have taken advantage of the property across the Duval County Courthouse known as "The Courts."

The courts is mainly used to play basketball. However, the property has one unusable basketball court, a tennis courts and picnic tables.

According to county officials, the property has ben poorly maintained and in need of some tender, love and care.

Recently, Roman Gonzalez with the West Alice Youth Center asked and received permission to cleanup the property.

According to Gonzalez, he would like to fix the second basketball court's foundation, repair the tennis courts and restore the picnic tables for San Diego and Duval County residents.

Gonzalez told the commissioners he has been approached by the community's youth about the project many times. With the commissioners approval Gonzalez received the green light to seek donations and raise money to pay for the improvements.

According to Gonzalez, people have already approached him about how they can help.

Before any improvements can actually happen, Gonzalez and others will have to evaluate the necessities of the property. According to Gonzalez's Facebook page, he hopes to have changes to the property by the summer months.