Several students from William Adams Middle School participated and placed in the annual History Fair.

Individual Website:

Zachary Vela- Child Labor

Wyatt Priddy - Martin Luther King Jr.

Celeste Torres - WWII: Freeing the Jews

Individual Documentary:

Daniella Ruiz- Fighting Back Against Communism

Emma Ruiz - Pennhurst: Shame of Pennsylvania

Individual Papers:

Mirely Salinas- Love Wins: Standing up for LGBTQ Rights

Lauren Bunch - The Bravery and Revenge of Violette Szabo: Taking a stand for female military force. 

Emma Wymore - Muhammed Ali: His Greatest Fight

Group Website: 

Adian Garcia and GianLuca Nisimblat - Jackie's Freedom Fight

Aiden Salinas and Christian Salinas - John F. Kennedy and The Civil Rights Act

Garbiel Silva and Aliana Silva - Francisco Arellano

Individual Exhibit: 

Jerrilyn Carmona - Nat Turner

Paris Chalfant - Mahatma Ghandi

Mercedes Benavides - Rosa Park

Group Exhibit: 

Robert DeLeon and Tristan Resendez - Standardized Testing Isn't the Answer

Justine Alvarado and Alaura Cantu - Jackie Robinson: Changing baseball history

Alvaro Ceja and Sofia Salinas - Albert Einstein

Individual Performance:

Samantha Kohler - Claudette Colvin:The Montgomery Bus

Kaitlyn Soliz - Women's Suffrage