Traffic stop arrest

Esteban Mata was arrested Wednesday after he told officers he had a marijuana cigarette. Officers searched Mata's vehicle and found several small bags of marijuana. Mata was taken to the Jim Wells County jail and charged with possession of marijuana.


Officer Hector Perez was dispatched on Wednesday morning to a business on the 1200 block of Houston for a shoplifter. Perez arrived and made contact with an employee and suspected thief, Billy Cobb. According to the employee, Cobb stole two standing sponges each valued at $2.79. Cobb was arrested for theft under $100 and transported to the JWC jail.

Marijuana smoker arrested

A suspicious vehicle call lead to the arrest of Brandol Guerrero Saldivar Wednesday. Officer Roel Escamilla observed Saldivar inside a parked car in the parking lot of a business on the 1200 block of East Main Street. When Escamilla approached the vehicle he detected an odor of marijuana. Saldivar admitted to smoking marijuana. A search of the vehicle uncovered a bag of marijuana in the center console. Saldivar was transported to the JWC jail. He was charged with possession of marijuana.

Foot chase

Cpl. Julian Cavazos was on patrol Wednesday when he observed a man on a bike with a missing white light. The officer made contact with the bicyclist, later identified as Roel Jones Jr. Before the officer approached Jones he saw Jones messing with his waistband.

While speaking with Jones the officer shook Jones' pants and out fell a bag of synthetic marijuana. As officers attempted to arrest Jones he was able to pull away and run. A chase began and officers found Jones hiding under pipes at a business on Third Street.

Officers were able to arrest Jones and transported him to the JWC jail. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and evading arrest.

Source: Alice police reports