Name and Parents: My name is Adrian Andres Cantu, born to the parents of Marion Deleon- Cantu and Adrian Cantu. My entire life has been one of amazing experiences, learning along the way from my mistakes and others. And I would, as I assume most others to think alike as well, say that they have done a pretty good job raising me.

Educational or Future Plans:

I intend to pursue a college degree of any sorts, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or even Doctorate’s, depending on the current situation or choices I’d be influenced by. I’ve applied to multiple colleges, to name a few; UT Austin, Texas A&M University, and Texas State. And plan to major in Agriculture Business & Management, or even a Liberal Arts degree. The way I see it, nothing is set in stone and if my mind may decide on another choice in the near future then I must follow in its direction. I’m out to find the perfect job for me, one that I could go to everyday without ever actually feeling at work.

Clubs and Officer Positions:

As of this school year, the only club I actively participate in is Debate. In the spur of the moment I joined the organization, and turns out it wasn’t a bad idea. In general, one could describe what we do as “controlled arguing”. I find much comfort in being able to logically argue my point in a controlled environment. Otherwise, one would argue with no purpose because too often the “debate” leads to anger and frustration. In this event, only the even-tempered competitors who stay right minded can actually win. 

Prior to Debate, however, I was involved with Academic Decathlon for the 2015-2016 school year. This club is truly the one which taught me the most about being honest with myself, never letting ego stand in the way, and about the world that surrounds our isolated lives. It involves studying and prepping seven guides for the objective events, and practicing or rehearsing for 3 other subjective events- ten events in all. You study every day, seven days a week, for seven months of the school year- holiday breaks included. Extreme amounts of discipline, time, and energy are put into practices so that you may out score and beat every competitor possible. 


For Academic Decathlon, I was regional champion, and helped the team in winning a State Championship for the first time in its 18 year long program. It was the first time in the nation’s history that a Title 1 school had accomplished such a thing. The State Senate, local newspapers, and local School Board recognized us for our academic achievements. Lets just say it was a big deal.

More recently I was awarded the Corpus Christi Caller Times Distinguished Scholar Award, under the Achiever category. Of 260 applicants, only 40 were selected. So it was rather surprising when I was called into the office to be told that I had been selected. The newspaper displayed a rather affectionate article of my individual experience in it’s newspaper. And for this achievement, once again, I was recognized by the local School Board.

What was the best advice you ever received? Who gave you the advice?

Of course I must give credit to where credit is due. I believe that none of this would’ve been possible without the proper guidance and words from my former Aca Dec. coach, Dr. Joseph Eberhard. He is a brilliant man who actually understands the ways of teaching. Anyone who has ever given back the attention he provides will understand what it is I am talking of. At one particular moment, while in his AP U.S. History class, I was frustrated at the corruption of corporations and the injustice caused against millions of Native Americans. I wanted to express my anger through violence, but instead Dr. Eberhard says, “Don’t get mad, get educated”. He’s always, since meeting him my sophomore year, been able to keep me cool and level-headed. Dr. Eberhard has given me new eyes to see through, and that is something that I can never repay. I guess a life-long friendship is the place to begin.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I just hope to see that I’m still healthy and headed in the right direction. It’s easy to get off-track and lose yourself. The main goal for me is to graduate from college, get a job, and live the rest of my life comfortably.

If you could change anything about this world, what would it be and why?

Hopefully by then the world would’ve made up its mind over whether they want it to continue existing the way it has for thousands of years, or whether they want to continue polluting the Earth until it suffocates itself. And while the Earth is struggling for a breath of air, kicking and punching for survival, it will have collateral effects on the entire populous of the world.

Just stay relaxed and focused in anything you’ll do, our lives are only just beginning. We got years to stress out over things.