In honor of School Board Recognition Month the Alice ISD teachers and students made posters, sang songs, and gave the school board members gifts.

Each campus honored the seven school board members with a token of appreciation.

School board members are Servando "Wolf" Garza Jr., Ben Salinas  Jr., Mark Dominguez, Herman Arellano III, Anjanette Benavides, Mike Cochran and Lee Ramon. 

Public school board members are those dedicated few who are elected to represent an entire community's education values, said Alice Superintendent Dr. Grace Everett.

The school board members put in long hours and much consideration into how their decisions will affect the children they serve.

“At a time when we face difficult choices over budgetary priorities, a commitment to education and to children must stand absolutely firm,” Everett stated. “We have a scared obligation to put our children's needs first and to make the essential investments that will help them succeed in our increasingly complex society.”

Each member received a certificate of appreciation honoring their leadership from Dr. Everett on behalf of the district.