Everyday one man dresses up and goes to work bringing him into the homes and lives of families.

Chad Battise with Alice Pest Control observes the children who live at the Heritage Apartments on Olmito Street.

Battise with the help of his wife, Marianne, his children and friends were able to obtain approximately 340 toys to give to the children who reside in the apartments.

“I just wanted to do something good,” Chad Battise said. “It a $5 toy for children who may not have a decent Christmas.”

Chad hopes that his act of kindness inspires his children to do be kind to others especially those in need.

His children, Zack, Haley and Tayler, know that their father is doing something from his heart for the sake of kindness and not worry about the recognition.

On Wednesday the Heritage Apartment children sat with Santa for a picture and then received a gift from Chad's family.

“Sharing our Christmas with those who may not have a Christmas is all we're doing,” Chad stated. “Giving others a Merry Christmas.”