As Kirk Baxter took a late ride Monday through his ranch approximately five miles north of Alice he came across two colored balloons but they weren't just regular balloons.

The red and green balloons were tied together and caught on a mesquite bush. He picked up the balloons and as he inspected them he saw two pieces of paper – one Santa letter in Spanish and the other a child's drawing.

The child's name is Nicole and is addressed to Santa at the North Pole.

Baxter had a friend translate the letter for him. The translation reads:

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would like you to bring me a tablet, a little horse, bubbles, barbies, a pair of roller skates, a briefcase of toys, a male barbie, and a baby doll.

Santa Claus, I have behaved really good and obeyed my parents and teachers. We made Christmas cards and I did not eat good candies, just small pieces.

I will be waiting for my gifts.

Sincerely, Nicole.