On Wednesday, Nov. 30, Cpl. Julian Barrera conducted a traffic stop on a Nissan Versa on the 1400 block of Rosario Street. Before Barrera could get off his unit Conrado Davila III exited the rear driver side of the vehicle.

Barrera made contact with Davila and the driver, Nikolas Manuel Chapa Ingram. As the officer spoke with Ingram he detected an odor of synthetic marijuana from the vehicle. The officer attempted to place Ingram in the unit however, Ingram tensed up, pulled away from the officer before he was successfully placed in the unit.

As Barrera struggled with Ingram he observed Davila walk away towards a nearby residence. The officer was able to arrest Davila. As the officer walked Davila to the police unit when Davila began to tense up, pull away and lean towards the opposite direction of the police unit.

Barrera began an inventory of the vehicle and located cocaine near the driver side door between the front and back seat. A white pack of synthetic marijuana and a smoked synthetic marijuana cigarette.

Davila and Ingram were taken to the JWC jail. They were each charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. Ingram was also charged with no drivers license.

Marijuana found during traffic stop

Alice police officers patrolling the area of Encinal and South Highway 281 Tuesday observed a vehicle disregard a stop sign. The officers initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, Francisco Orlando Trigo. As officers spoke with Trigo they observed a clear bag used for narcotics in plain sight in the center console. Trigo told the officers he had a “dro” slang for hydroponically grown marijuana in the bag as well as two more bags in his front right pocket. Trigo was arrested for possession of marijuana and transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

Source: Alice police reports