Alice police officers arrested three men and a teenager Wednesday on separate incidents of thefts and a burglary.

11:50 a.m.

Two men, later identified as Daniel Trevino, 25, and Raul Jones Jr.,36, caught the attention of Officer Juan Reyes who was patrolling the 500 block of East Eighth Street where there had been several thefts in the neighbor in the past weeks, according to the officer's report.

Reyes made contact with Trevino as Jones walked away from the officer despite several commands to stop. As the officer continued to speak with Trevino he noticed an unusual bulge in Trevino's waistband. Trevino lifted his shirt to uncover a set of Christmas lights, according to the police report. Trevino was detained and placed in the back of Reyes' unit.

Officer Reyes locked his unit and pursued Jones onto East Seventh Street. When Jones noticed the office he began to run. Reyes followed Jones through the back of residences and alleyways until Officer Roel Escamilla apprehended Jones.

Jones was charged with evading arrest and two outstanding warrants, burglary of habitation and theft. The first warrant occurred at the beginning of November when Jones was accused of stealing a television from an apartment on the 2000 block of South Cameron Street. Jones' second warrant for theft was reported in May when another television set was taken from a business on the 800 block of North Johnson.

The two men were taken to the Jim Wells County jail. As of Thursday, Trevino remained in jail with a $200 bond. Jones was released Thursday on a total bond of $4,500.

11:17 a.m.

As Officer Jose Saldivar was on patrol with the unit's windows down on Wednesday he noticed a unknown male, later identified as 17-year-old Joel Salinas, in the front yard of an abandoned residence on the 700 block of Seabreeze Street.

According to Salidvar's report, Salinas yelled “run” when he made eye contact with the officer. The officer exited his unit and followed Salinas to the back yard where he observed another unidentified man. The officer commanded the two men to stop and walk towards him.

Saldivar patted down Salinas and detained him in the police unit until further investigation. As the officer walked Salinas to the unit Salinas attempted to free his arm from the officer's grasp. As the officer struggled with Salinas, the unidentified man left the residence on a bike just as an assisting officer was arriving at the scene. The unknown man was pursued but not caught.

Officer Reyes went back to the residence and located a small pair of earrings in the back yard where the two men had been. Salinas was transported to the JWC jail and charged with theft of property and evading arrest. He was released Wednesday on a total bond of $3,000.

6:37 a.m.

Fifty-three-year-old Ismael Smithwick was arrested at his home Wednesday on the 600 block of Bluebonnet Street after an officer located stolen items in the bed of his truck.

Officer Reyes was dispatched to Bluebonnet Street and made contact with the victim who stated he had been made aware that Smithwick entered his property in the early morning hours. According to Smithwick, a witness told him that Smithwick took two backpacks and a vehicle battery from the property.

According to the victim, the backpacks were filled with fishing gear. Smithwick exited the residence when the officer knocked on the door and was immediately detained. He was taken to the JWC jail and charged with burglary of a building. As of Thursday, Smithwick remained in jail with a $7,000 bond.