With the Christmas season in full swing many people have the bright Christmas lights on their homes and Christmas decorations displayed in their yards.

Many people don't limit the decorating to the outside of their homes. A Christmas tradition is to have a plastic or real Christmas tree decorated to their liking inside their home where Santa Clause will leave gifts for children and adults.

While many people get into the Christmas spirit they should also take the time to practice safety during the holiday.

When buying and decorating a Christmas tree:

If possible, buy a freshly-cut tree from a reputable business. When buying a tree look for fresh needles. If there are lots of needles on the ground around the trees, find another. To check a tree’s freshness, pull your hand towards you along the branch. Needles should not fall off. At home, saw a couple inches off the bottom of the tree trunk and set in water. Watering is critical and most constantly be watered. Never let the water level go below the tree’s base. Indoors, keep the tree away from heat sources. When decorating a tree with older lights make sure all wires are intact and broken bulbs replaced. Lights with broken wires can cause a fire and should be thrown. Use decorations that are suitable for the children in your home. Ornaments and other decorations can cause a choking hazard for a small child. According to Pet MD, do not put lights on the tree's lower branches so pets don't get tangled up in the lights. Lights can become a burning hazard for your pet. Keep the area around the tree free and clear of pine needles which if ingested can puncture your pet's intestines. Regardless of the time of year safety should be the number one priority for a safe and Merry Christmas.