While on patrol on Sunday officers arrested Juan Carlos Davila at a home on the 400 block of East Sixth Street. An officer observed Davila who appeared to be under the influence walking on North Almond Street. When the officer attempted to speak with Davila he ignored him and kept walking.

The officer observed him enter his parents residence. Davila was called to the front door by his father. Davila attempted to run from officers when he was about to get handcuffed. Officers placed Davila inside a police unit when they heard him banging his head against the unit's plexiglass cutting his head.

Officers took Davila to the hospital for medical clearance before he was transported to the Jim Wells County jail. Officers learned Davila had two warrants. He was charged with the warrants and evading or resisting arrest.

Refrigerator goes out, man threatened

On Sunday Officer Herman Arellano was dispatched to a home on the 1800 block of Old Kingsville Road in reference to a fight. The officer made contact with the victim who stated he had just arrived at home when Ricardo Cavazos began to argue with him over the refrigerator not working. The victim told Cavazos he was out searching for a new refrigerator. The two men continued to argue when Cavazos pulled a knife out and threatened to stab the victim. Cavazos told the officer he did have a knife but was not going to harm the victim. Cavazos was transported to the JWC jail. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Man arrested for threat

An ongoing dispute lead to the arrest of Bobby Marksberry on Sunday for assault by threat. Officer Jose Saldivar made contact with the victim on Easterling Drive who stated he had been jogging near the railroad tracks when Marksberry and another man turned their vehicle towards him. The victim told the officer Marksberry and the other man had threaten to assault him on several occasions. As the officer was speaking to the victim Marksberry was seen driving by the victim's residence. The officer conducted a traffic stop and made contact with Marksberry. Marksberry was detained and the officer received permission to search the vehicle. Inside the vehicle Saldivar observed a bag that contained marijuana with a glass pipe. Marksberry was transported to the JWC jail. In addition to the assault charge Marksberry was also charged with possession of marijuana.

Men arrested on possession charge

Officers received a call about a man urinating outside on Friday afternoon. As officers approached the residence they observed several men go inside a home on the 1000 block of Madison and one man,Ruben Olivo, step out of the garage. For officer safety the garage was cleared. Inside the garage, an officer observed a marijuana on top of a plastic DVD case. The three men, Benjamin Chiralaksanakul, Jarret Slough, and Fred Soliz, that had entered the home were asked to step out. The men denied ownership of the marijuana and were taken to the JWC jail. They were charged with possession of marijuana.

Woman accused of theft arrested

On Thursday, Alice police officers arrested Mary Francis Perez for theft over $2,500 under $30,000. In September, a woman contacted police stating Perez, victim's caregiver, was seen looking through her purse. When she found her purse she noticed her jewelry was missing. Perez was transported to the JWC jail.