Nearly 200 students received certifications on Thursday for their participation in Coastal Bend College's dual enrollment program.

Students from Alice, San Diego, Falfurrias and Premont HS Bridge took their first college class at CBC.

“These students had their first college experience with CBC – Alice,” said Dee Dee Arismendez, CBC – Alice site director. “It's an experience they'll carry throughout their lives. They've opened the doors and will continue to walk through those doors.”

“What I learned was how we discover our potential through assignments and other shenanigans,” said San Diego student Emmanuel Gonzalez. “ We learned things that we didn't know existed. One assignment taught us how everyone has a different way of learning.”

These students started college in their teenage years; that alone is exciting and something they should be proud of, Arismendez stated.

The program gave students the opportunity to learn a lot of different aspects of college while bringing students together as friends, said Alice student Delray Chavez.

The purpose behind the program is to have students graduate high school with college hours or an associate. This program also gives parents the opportunity to pay less on their child's college tuition.

Students and their parents had refreshments and gathered for pictures after the ceremony.