First offense:

Seven days suspended from extra curricular activity, four hours of mandatory counseling within 30 days, and retesting during all random test dates throughout their high school academic career.

Second offense:

60 days suspended from activities. In the last 45 days, students are allowed to practice but not participate in competitive activities. Eight hours of mandatory counseling within 60 days, and retesting for remainder of high school career.

Third offense:

Suspension from participation in any extracurricular activity for the remainder of the students enrollment in the district.

After each offense, the district will notify parents and students of drug abuse prevention resources available in the area. If student's suspension from participation is not completed by the end of the school year, the penalty period continues at the beginning of the next school year, until the time period expires.

Positive tests are cumulative for the duration of a student's high school career.


Alice ISD Drug

Testing Policy